U of T Drama Fest: Auditions for “Bruised Porcelain”

“Bruised Porcelain”, written by Kaitlyn Alexander, will be featured in Dramafest 2013 this coming February at Hart House. Rehearsals will begin in January and the performance will be between February 13th and 17th.

The Play:
In “Bruised Porcelain”, Macy’s relapse of illness demands that she tells the truth to those around her as well as face it herself. The problem is she’s the only one who wants to face it.The Audition:
Friday November 30th from 12-2 pm and 7-9 pm in rehearsal hall B (in the North Building). A sign-up sheet for audition slots will be posted on the callboard outside rehearsal hall A (in the North Building). Contact me if you want to audition but can’t make the Friday date!

6 roles to audition for: 4 female and 2 male.

Please prepare a monologue, contemporary preferred. A cold read from the text will follow.

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