U of T Drama Fest: Auditions for “The Gully”

“The Gully”
Written By: Sara Peters
Directed By: Courtney Keir

“The Gully” is one of the three amazing shows representing UTM this year at the University of Toronto DramaFest this February 13th and 17th. Rehearsals will begin in January with the exception of a readthrough before the break!

About the Play: Penny is an eleven-year-old girl who can’t stop talking. The man she meets by a gully never says enough. While the characters themselves are light-hearted and their friendship often humorous, the dark undertones of Penny’s life and the man’s past cannot stay secret for long.

The Audition: We are looking to fill the role of “The Man”: A middle aged, reserved Southern Male with a slightly skewed mental perspective. Please prepare a dramatic monologue of about two minutes in length. Also be prepared to do a cold read of a couple of sections of the script.

Ten minute time slots for the auditions are available on: Monday, Nov. 26th from 1:30 to 4:00 pm (Rehearsal Hall C) and Wednesday, Nov. 28th from 3:30 to 5:30 pm (Rehearsal Hall A). To sign up for an audition please sign up on our sign up sheet right outside Rehearsal Hall A. If you have any issues with the times of the auditions, have questions about the show, or any other questions give me a shout by emailing me (Courtney) at courtney.keir@mail.utoronto.ca. Can’t wait to see you at auditions! Best of luck!

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