Tempest Auditions

This year the UTM Drama Club is proud to announce that we will be producing The Tempest by William Shakespeare, co- directed by Nathaniel Kinghan and Isaac Giles, and stage managed by Emma Miziolek.

To audition, you must e-mail drama[at]utmsu.ca to book a time slot!

All members are encouraged to audition for a role in the production starting next week! The dates and times for auditions are as follows:
Thursday, September 26th: CCT 1080 from 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Friday, September 27th: Middle Spigel (first floor of Davis) from 3:30 – 9:30
Saturday, September 28th: CCT 1080 10:30am – 12:30pm

Come prepared to perform a 1-2 minute monologue (preferably classical, i.e.. Shakespeare), do a cold read from the script, or even show off your musical skills if you have any (ex: flute, lute, uke, etc). Please arrive at your audition at least 10 minutes early and bring a theatre résumé if possible.

Please email drama[at]utmsu.ca

For more information, check out our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/571332879580526/

Attention All First Years – Executive Council Position

The UTMDC is looking for up to 3 first year representatives to join the drama club executive council as junior executives, assisting with the planning and putting on of UTMDC events, such as performance nights, The Tempest, UTM and UoT Drama Festival, etc.

Recruiting is by a resume application process. Send in your resume (job and theatre if appropriate) and a short blurb on why you would be fit for the first year representative and why you would like the job. All applications should be sent to drama [at] utmsu.ca

UTMDC Presents Shakespeare’s The Tempest

We are pleased to announce that the show for our annual production has been selected! This fall we will be holding auditions for The Tempest, by William Shakespeare.

The executive council is looking forward to working with this year’s co-directors, Nathaniel Kinghan and Isaac Giles; both second years in the Theatre and Drama Studies Specialist Program.

For information regarding auditions, as well as calls for technical and creative crew, join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/191620921334/

The UTMDC Team,
Davin Allan, Brooke Trealout, Emma Miziolek, Chelsea Ranger, Nathaniel Voll

U of T Drama Fest: Marianne, Are You Asleep, February 14th 2013

Congrats to the cast and crew of Bruised Porcelain for a great performance.If you’re sad you missed out on seeing UTM’s first of three shows at the U of T Drama Festival, or if you want more Drama Fest goodness check out Marianne, Are You Asleep? tomorrow (Thursday February 14) night at 7:30 p.m. at Hart House Theatre. Marianne is written by Nick Potter and directed by Jaime Hernandez Lujan.

Marianne, Are You Asleep? tells the story of a young woman obsessed with communicating with the spirit of her deceased mother. Located in three different living rooms of Northern Ontario, Marianne’s desire to talk with her mother grows as her mother appears to everyone else but her.

The night starts up at 7:30 p.m. Buy your ticket in advance from Madeleine Brown, Nick, or Jaime or at the door for $10.

Spend Valentine’s Day with the club you love best!

U of T Drama Fest: Bruised Porcelain Wednesday February 12, 2013

The U of T Drama Festival begins tomorrow and first up from UTM is Bruised Porcelain written by Kaitlyn Alexander and directed by Eilish Waller.

Bruised Porcelain follows Macy as she confronts a relapse of leukemia which demands she tells the truth to those around her as well as face it herself.

The night starts up at 7:30 p.m. Buy your ticket in advance from Madeleine Brown, Kaitlyn, or Eilish for $10, or at the door for $12.

We hope you’ll be in the audience with us supporting this great production.

Snow Day

Unfortunately, since the University is officially closed all activity on campus must cease, so we can NOT have a performance of Arcadia tonight Friday February 8, 2013.

The Saturday February 9 performance will go on as planned. I will confirm tomorrow morning.

There is the potential to add another performance date. I will confirm this later today.

Those who had tickets for tonight (Friday) can exchange them for no cost for Saturday’s show, or if we add another date for that show. If they would like to have the tickets refunded they may e-mail me at drama@utmsu.ca to do so.

Executive Duties


The President’s duty is to keep constant organization of the group. They are to be in active contact with all of the executives and ensure that communication exists securely among both executives and members of the UTM Drama Club. They must chair regular executive meetings. Each school year, the President is to apply for re-recognition on Ulife (www.ulife.utoronto.ca) and apply for and receive funding from the University of Toronto Mississauga Student Union. The President must maintain the UTM Drama Club Facebook group and e-mail. The President also must represent UTMDC at the University of Toronto Drama Coalition meetings whenever scheduled and serve as an Awards Representative for the Coalition.


The Vice-President’s duty is to keep the President in check and work alongside them. The VP is to fill-in for the President when the President is absent. They are subject to the same duties as the President and must be as committed to keeping the UTM Drama Club alive.

Public Relations (2):

Public Relations’ duty is to communicate any information discussed at both executive meetings and club meetings to all members of the UTM Drama Club.  PR is the go-to person for any information or concerns about the club. If there are any members of the Drama Club feeling pressed about a particular issue that is not being addressed, it is the PR’s duty to relay such information from members to executives; more specifically the President. PR is responsible for maintaining the website and Twitter account.


The Treasurer’s duty is to keep track of all funds going in and out of the UTM Drama Club. They are to record all transactions of donations, membership fees, fundraisers, as well as payments for any events. At the beginning of each year, the Treasurer is to outline a budget of all remaining Club funds and expected costs throughout the year, and to constantly rework the budget for any discrepancies that may occur. The Treasurer also must manage the Club’s bank account, depositing and withdrawing when needed.


The Secretary’s duty is to keep archives of all information regarding the UTM Drama Club including: membership list, signing new members up and relaying such information to the President; attendance of executives and sometimes members at particular events; noting all events that take place, activities that are held, persons who present/perform, and all relevant or important information. The Secretary must record the minute meetings at all of the UTM Drama Club meetings.


*ALL executives are to attend ALL UTM Drama Club meetings. If there is no notice prior to a meeting that has been scheduled least 48 hours before the date: First, a warning; Second, result in a group meeting with all the executives; Third, consideration to renounce their position and another suitable individual will take their place.

Drama Club Executives Wanted

It’s that time of year…election time!

If you would like to apply to be part of the UTMDC Executive Team you must complete the attached nomination form then e-mail the completed form and your resume to drama@utmsu.ca by February 10 (11:59 p.m.).

Nominations open Monday February 4 and run to Sunday February 10 (closing at 11:59 p.m.). Campaigning occurs from Monday February 11 to Friday February 15 (closing at 11:59 p.m.). Voting starts Saturday February 16 and runs to Saturday February 23 (closing at 11: 59 p.m.). Executives will be announced the following week.

Good luck!

Arcadia by Tom Stoppard

The University of Toronto Mississauga Drama Club Presents…

By Tom Stoppard

Directed by Owen Fawcett
Assistant Directed by Laura McCallum

Thursday February 7
Friday February 8
Saturday February 9
7:30 p.m.

“We shed as we pick up, like travellers who must carry everything in their arms, and what we let fall will be picked up by those behind”. In a room off of the garden of the Croom Estate, two academics both attempt to uncover the deeply rooted past of the house. Hannah is trying to discover the identity of a mysterious hermit whose genius has left a legacy in the form of a small hut in the Croom garden. Bernard, on the other hand, is passionately trying to prove the past presence of Lord Byron himself at Sidley Park. As they struggle to interpret the clues left behind, the real story is simultaneously revealed as the past inhabitants of Sidley Park come to life, revealing a passionate tale of sex, poetry, and death that only seems to be repeating itself in Hannah and Bernard’s present. “Only in Arcadia here am I”

Multimedia Studio Theatre (MiST) (CCT0150)
University or Toronto Mississauga
3353 Mississauga Road
Mississauga, Ontario

Students/Seniors $10
Adults $15
UTMDC Members $5

For tickets and show details contact drama@utmsu.ca

Order tickets online at: http://utmdcarcadia.eventsbot.com/

“Arcadia” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH INC.

Olivia Orton, Stuart Hefford, Murrium Zaheer, Aaron Schaefer, Tiffany Lee, Brooke Trealout, Davin Allan, Roxhanne Norman, Chelsea Ranger, Tom Ketchum, Isaac Giles and Nathaniel Kinghan