Monologue Masterclass Series – The Scene: Master the Scene

When: Wednesday, January 30th

Time: 7:00PM till 8:30 PM

Location:Room 250, Student Centre UTM

  • The third session of our Monologue Masterclass Series, monthly monologue workshops, or in this case… a scene workshop! The return of the scene workshop! Following some confusion with room bookings we have decided to revisit how to do scenes.

    This session will go over what a scene is, and how to prepare one. The session will include introduction activities, a warm-up, instruction on how to prepare a scene (classical or contemporary) and finally participation in a cold (first) read of a scene. Participants DO NOT need to come with a scene prepared in advance, but they will not be turned away if they do have one.

    This is a great opportunity to work with other drama enthusiasts!

    No experience necessary.

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