Executive Duties


The President’s duty is to keep constant organization of the group. They are to be in active contact with all of the executives and ensure that communication exists securely among both executives and members of the UTM Drama Club. They must chair regular executive meetings. Each school year, the President is to apply for re-recognition on Ulife (www.ulife.utoronto.ca) and apply for and receive funding from the University of Toronto Mississauga Student Union. The President must maintain the UTM Drama Club Facebook group and e-mail. The President also must represent UTMDC at the University of Toronto Drama Coalition meetings whenever scheduled and serve as an Awards Representative for the Coalition.


The Vice-President’s duty is to keep the President in check and work alongside them. The VP is to fill-in for the President when the President is absent. They are subject to the same duties as the President and must be as committed to keeping the UTM Drama Club alive.

Public Relations (2):

Public Relations’ duty is to communicate any information discussed at both executive meetings and club meetings to all members of the UTM Drama Club.  PR is the go-to person for any information or concerns about the club. If there are any members of the Drama Club feeling pressed about a particular issue that is not being addressed, it is the PR’s duty to relay such information from members to executives; more specifically the President. PR is responsible for maintaining the website and Twitter account.


The Treasurer’s duty is to keep track of all funds going in and out of the UTM Drama Club. They are to record all transactions of donations, membership fees, fundraisers, as well as payments for any events. At the beginning of each year, the Treasurer is to outline a budget of all remaining Club funds and expected costs throughout the year, and to constantly rework the budget for any discrepancies that may occur. The Treasurer also must manage the Club’s bank account, depositing and withdrawing when needed.


The Secretary’s duty is to keep archives of all information regarding the UTM Drama Club including: membership list, signing new members up and relaying such information to the President; attendance of executives and sometimes members at particular events; noting all events that take place, activities that are held, persons who present/perform, and all relevant or important information. The Secretary must record the minute meetings at all of the UTM Drama Club meetings.


*ALL executives are to attend ALL UTM Drama Club meetings. If there is no notice prior to a meeting that has been scheduled least 48 hours before the date: First, a warning; Second, result in a group meeting with all the executives; Third, consideration to renounce their position and another suitable individual will take their place.

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