End of 2013-2014 Season

Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Tempest! We have been nominated for the following awards by the UofT Drama Coalition to be presented at the UofT Drama Coalition Awards Ceremony:
-Best Production
-Best Directors (Nathaniel Kinghan and Isaac Giles)
-Best Technical Design Spencer Bennet, Nathaniel Voll, Nathaniel Kinghan, and Isaac Giles).
-Best Actress: Alessa Dufresne
-Best Supporting Actor: Brett Houghton
-‘Rookie of the Year’: Shawn Doyle and Alma Sarai

During the Awards Ceremony, the UofT Drama Festival Awards will also be given out:

-Donald Sutherland Award for Best Performance to Alex Spyropoulos for her portrayal of Francis in Pur.Gat.Ory
-The Robertson Davies Playwriting Award to Nick Potter for his script, Pur.Gat.Ory
-Award of Merit (“The Script-I-Want-To-See-Fleshed-Out-At-Summerworks Award”) to Nathaniel Kinghan for his script Mrs. Mama’s House.

And now is a perfect time to announce our wonderful executive team for next year!

President: Davin Allan
Vice-President: Kyra Weichert
Events Coordinator: Laura McCallum
Secretary: Emma Miziolek
Treasurer: Siddharth Singh
Public Relations: Emma Robson
Technical Director: Spencer Bennet

Congratulations and thank you all for such a fantastic season! We are all incredibly excited as we plan out our 2014-2015 season. In addition to our usual events, such as our main show and DramaFest, you can look forward to our new events and opportunities: The UTM One-Act Play Festival, Play Development Workshops, Technical Workshops, Stage Make-up Workshops, and more! We will continue to post more information about our upcoming season and current opportunities!

-UTMDC Executive Council, 2013-2014
Davin Allan, Laura McCallum, Emma Miziolek, Chelsea Ranger, Nathaniel Voll, Shawn Doyle, Avery Logan, Marissa Otto.

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