Are you interested in theatre? Perhaps you don’t get enough attention at home? Don’t worry! We give plenty of attention here, providing you with all of the opportunities we can think of… and if there’s something we missed let us know! Either way, join UTMDC if you want to get involved with theatre around the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. Whether it be backstage, onstage, doing tech, making props, or even in the audience, UTMDC does our best to create a space for you. If any of the above appeals to you or if it disgusts you so much that you want to become a member just to perform sabotage, please fill out the information below and send it to our email:¬†For executive purposes we need the following information:

First Name:
Last Name:
Student #:
Email Address:
Phone # (Cell preferred):


All of your information is protected and is strictly for administration. Eventually, we will need your signature (during clubs week at UTM). This is for UTMSU to make sure we are not falsifying information to attain club status. If you would like to wait until clubs week or an in-person meeting with an executive to provide your information, that is perfectly fine. However if you send us an email we can add you to our mailing list when we have messages to send out!

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